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Step into our holiday kitchen, where Alterna’s “farm-to-hair” ingredients meet the talent and beauty of three notable Los Angeles food personalities — Candace Nelson, Bricia Lopez, and Brooke Williamson — to celebrate the joy of the season.

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Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging transforms hair after just one use. A potent blend of supreme quality and uncompromising performance, Caviar creates luxuriously healthy and youthful-looking hair and a lavish, indulgent experience.

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Every Alterna innovation goes through an extensive formulation process, from curating a selection of sustainably sourced, potent raw ingredients, carefully calibrating them into the perfect blend, testing the technology with hairdressers and consumers, to customizing the formulas with an exquisite fragrance signature.

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Since 1997, Alterna has pioneered “alterna-tive” luxury haircare. We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between clinically proven, salon-tested results and pure ingredients. A trailblazer in the world of luxury haircare and styling, we have always been about purity and innovation inspired by skincare science.

Featured Products

CAVIAR Anti-Aging
Replenishing Moisture Collection
Hydrates moisture-starved hair for improved manageability, softness, shine and texture. Suggested for: Dry, Brittle Hair.
CAVIAR Anti-Aging
Restructuring Bond Repair Collection
Formulated with our new and exclusive Caviar Bond Enforcing Technology that helps re-bond, rebuild and seal the cuticle for up to 10 washes. Clinically proven to reduce breakage and split ends by up to 99%.* Suggested for: Weak, Damaged Hair.
CAVIAR Anti-Aging
Clinical Densifying Collection
Formulated with Red Clover Densifying Complex to give the appearance of fuller hair. Clinically proven to provide significant improvements in hair texture, thickness and overall condition with regular use. Best for: Thinning Hair


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Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture
Over time, our hair concerns can shift to a multitude of things from thinning, dullness or loss of pigment (going grey). What our locks also endure is a major change in texture and significant moisture loss. Just as we turn to heavy-duty moisturizers for our face and body, our hair craves that same hydration. Inspired by the innovation and efficacy of skincare products, Alterna’s Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture line combines a proprietary Age Control Complex® and Seasilk®, a moisturizing blend of marine botanicals that provide nourishment and hydration to the hair.  
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Practice Self-Care for Your Hair
The art of practicing self-care is a concept that has been growing in popularity. Amid hectic work schedules and jam-packed social calendars, the importance of taking a breath and allowing yourself to rest is becoming increasingly important among women. In fact, studies have found that this current generation is prioritizing personal improvement more than any generation before them.
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You may have noticed something’s different. Let us reintroduce ourselves…
Just like a new hairstyle can mark another chapter in your life, we wanted to give our look a little update. Since our launch more than 20 years ago, Alterna has stayed true to its roots as being free-of harsh chemicals and additives in luxury haircare. With our trailblazing products, strong heritage in quality, and clinically-proven formulas, we begin an exciting new chapter with RESTAGE. 
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Our "free-of" journey
Now more than ever, customers are getting more knowledgeable about labels and we are seeing a demand for clean and “free-of” ingredients.