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Caviar Anti-Aging Restructuring Bond Repair Line

For many, the concept of aging does not extend past our complexions. So often, we see fine lines, crow’s feet and dull skin as the primary results of the steadily clicking clock. However, our faces are not the only things affected by aging. More often than not, our hair is also a casualty, and we are not referring to color. Over time, texture, density and quantity (particularly at the crown) can change. Dryness and coarseness can become more common and hair can lose much of its vitality and shine. That’s why, just like skincare, haircare routines need to be intentional and targeted to specific needs. Enter Alterna’s CAVIAR Bond Repair collection.

Featuring an exclusive CAVIAR Bond Enforcing Technology, this cutting-edge installment fights damaged hair by helping rebond the surface, cracks, and fissures of strands, restoring them to a healthier more youthful state. And while the collection in its entirety is robust—eight products to be exact—the styling aids are truly the ones that shine. .

For starters, the Leave-In Treatment Mousse serves as the initial line of defense for styling. Formulated with Caviar extract, Omega fatty acids and a plethora of vitamins and minerals, this lightweight multi-tasker strengthens, detangles, smooths, softens and protects hair from thermal and chemical damage. Simply apply an egg-sized amount to hair, evenly distributing throughout from root to tip. Clinical studies have shown the revolutionary mousse improved manageability, provided thermal protection up to 450 degrees and enhanced shine by an astonishing 98%.

Next in line is the 3-In-1 Sealing Serum. Featuring a triple-action concentrate of amino acids and lipids that imitate those found in the hair, the formula literally heals, seals and restores strands at their core. In fact, it’s been proven over 99% effective in reducing breakage and split ends and improves smoothness by more than 65%, with results withstanding up to 10 washes. While the serum can be used on its own as a prestyling solution, it can also upgrade your regular Alterna conditioner into a restorative mask. Simply mix in two to three pumps and distribute evenly to damp hair from root to tip (after shampooing). Allow it to absorb for three minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Last but certainly not least comes the transformative Leave-In Heat Protection Spray (formerly the Multi-Vitamin Heat Protection Spray),which serves as a powerful protective shield against heat styling. Ideal for those that actively employ blow-dryers, curling irons and the like, the nutrient-rich formula is clinically proven to protect and restore hair from heat damage. Simply spray evenly onto clean, towel-dried hair and comb through to evenly distribute. Style as desired, and you’re good to go.

Don’t lose hope in your hair’s youthfulness and vitality. Do your due diligence and allow these targeted products to work their magic in delivering the healthy, radiant locks you were born to have.