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Our "free-of" journey

Now more than ever, customers are getting more knowledgeable about labels and we are seeing a demand for clean and “free-of” ingredients. Nearly 60 percent of women read beauty ingredient labels prior to purchase. Alterna had it right from the start. Since Alterna’s inception in 1997, we have stayed true to our position in the market of luxury haircare. With a sea of options and an ever-growing demand of “clean” ingredients, Alterna made its mark among the pioneers in “free of” harsh chemicals and additives in the high-end market.

We know our consumers and stylists want more from their hair products, and they expect only the best. With our trademark innovative formulas using the science of skincare, we believe it’s not only what we put in our products that is important to you, but also what we formulate them without.

The list of ingredients that you will never find in Alterna products include sulfates, parabens, and dyes, and spans over 40 additives that your hair and health can do without. This list of ingredients has grown over the last 20 years and continues to be updated as new ingredients surface to the market. Many brands lay claim to clean ingredients, but we have a well-versed history in being one of the first in the market to recognize this need.

Clean ingredients shouldn’t mean ineffective, though. We pride ourselves on the combination of natural botanicals with science for high-performance formulas that work. Our “free-of” journey is a big part of our brand DNA and data and studies continue to show us that it’s as important to our consumers as the ease in navigating our products for those on-the-go. Knowing that when you pick up an Alterna product, you do so without having to worry about harsh chemicals is something we consider a foundation of the brand. We have remained focused on building “conscious” products, with carefully selecting and using ethically-sourced ingredients like our caviar and sea silk, and never adding any extras, like colorants, simply to look more aesthetically pleasing. We eliminate the guesswork by getting rid of anything that is not needed in our products.

Instead, we continue to look to groundbreaking science and technology and proprietary blends like our Marine Plumping Complex and caviar-infused technology that helps to restore and rebuild your hair fibers for the shiny, healthy hair.